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What to expect

For your first session at Seed of Hope Psychology, allow up to 60 minutes is recommended. This gives us time to discuss what has bought you here, gather relevant personal information and provide you with a summary of the information you have bought with the approach that would most beneficial for your treatment. We will also give you information on confidentiality, relevant limitations, fee options and gain your consent for treatment. Most treatment sessions are approximately 50 minutes long.

We are pleased to be able to offer you bulk bill online telehealth sessions either by telephone, online Zoom or Skype session, or face to face sessions. Please contact Seed of Hope Psychology for bookings on 0451 667272 or please book online and please note whether you would like face to face or online session in the notes section.

Typical Number of Sessions

The number of sessions differs for individuals and depends on the reason for your referral and whether any assessments are required. Treatment where needs are easily identifiable may be short to medium term and can be more easily identified and discussed with your psychologist after the first session. Our aim is to ensure that you achieve your treatment goals in a timely matter where you are equipped efficiently for positive, long lasting treatment outcomes.