Information for Kids

What happens when I see a psychologist?

Seeing a psychologist is just like talking with someone who you can trust. Your first meeting will be spent just getting to know you. We like to find out what you like doing, what are things you are good at and what things that you may be finding hard. Our job is to listen to you and be there to help you find solutions to your problems so that you can feel happier and stronger.

It is very normal that kids have all sorts of difficulties at different times just like adults! We will make sure your time here is enjoyable for you. We like to use games, crafts or activities that you enjoy in order to work together to work out a solution to your problem. Our job is to work out what the problem is, and try to help you become all that you want to be. Seeing a psychologist can be a rewarding time of your life that will help you go on and thrive in your whole life through.

What should I expect from seeing a psychologist?

What is a therapy session?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards embracing your future. Seeing a psychologist is a place for you to begin to feel comfortable to be open with how things are going for you at home or school. In the first few sessions we just like to get to know you and generally speak to your parents in the first session to get their view on things but then the rest of the sessions are generally just you and the psychologist.

What are the benefits of coming to session?

Having the courage and commitment to yourself in seeking support or help in areas in which you may be struggling is a step towards being the best you can be. It might feel difficult at first, being willing to talk about things that are hard may cause you to get emotional at times. It may also be a relief to actually get something off your chest to someone who is just there to listen with empathy, without judgement and with pride for being so courageous.

You call the timing, direction and outcome

Our goal is to see you empowered with support along the way for you to make the changes you want to see in your life. You set the agenda for goals you would like to achieve and the way that you work best towards achieving your goals. Your therapy sessions will work when you feel you have been heard, that you know how you want your life to be different and then together we can work towards making the change you desire to happen.


Please know that we want you to know that what you share with us is confidential. We will uphold your privacy but there are limits that we will discuss with you that if we are concerned about potential harm to yourself or to someone else we will need to tell other people such as your parents.