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  • Title: “Embracing Life’s Thistles: Using Challenges as Fuel for Growth”

    Life is a whirlwind of ups and downs, a spinning carousel that sometimes feels like it’s moving faster than we can keep up. In the midst of this chaos, it’s […]

  • Growth Mindset 2024

    Growth Mindset 2024

    I am not sure about you but you may be still feeling burnt out from 2023, and pressured from what lays ahead in 2024. Have you made your vision board, […]

  • Harnessing Meekness

    Harnessing Meekness

    These horses could decide to run back down the hill or stop because of the overwhelm of the steepness of the climb. They could also fight with one another because […]

  • More Than Enough

    More Than Enough

    My girlfriend and I were reflecting upon why everyone tells us to ‘step out of our comfort zone.” Does it lead to higher perfectionism and unachievable standards leaving us feel […]

  • Light, Love, Live

    Light, Love, Live

    In 1969, Fred Rogers, the creator and host of Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood began his quest to teach children that emotions that are mentionable are manageable. On a recent Ted Talks […]

  • Breakthrough with Hope

    Breakthrough with Hope

    The longings of our hearts desires tend to bubble to the surface as we contemplate and speak into being new resolutions or new habits we want to make. The hope […]

  • Gratitude

    Giving thanks in all circumstances is difficult to put into practice but the benefits of counting your blessings is at the heart of optimal human functioning. Grateful people are filled […]

  • Are you getting not enough sleep or are you getting too much? One of the most widespread health issues that affects our mental and physical health is sleep (Buysse et […]