Growth Mindset 2024

I am not sure about you but you may be still feeling burnt out from 2023, and pressured from what lays ahead in 2024. Have you made your vision board, set your impossible to do list and feel ready to do it all again? Or how about we try something simpler this year.

Certainty provides us with assurance that we can avoid pain and gain pleasure. Yet there are six human needs that also include uncertainty/variety, significance, love and connection, growth, and contribution. What if we could meet all of these by doing one simple thing?

I can hear my daughter’s music pumping Justin Bieber “Love Yourself”. Could loving yourself really be the way to meet our six human needs?

We know that people with growth mindsets rather than fixed mindsets cope better with stress, experience less psychological stress, engage in master orientated health habits and utilise active problem-solution focused coping rather than emotion-focused coping.  

Self-love is fully appreciating oneself involves understanding one’s unique self through physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self-knowledge (Covey, 2004). To love oneself, one must prioritise fulfilling one’s ideal self while respecting personal limitations, flaws, and imperfections (Fromm, 1996).

Self-love is a valuable gift in a world of deteriorating relationships, can enhance life quality, relationships, and organisational leadership (Clifton & Harter, 2019; Clifton, 2022; Dhiman, 2017). Embracing your value, talents, and strengths neutralises others’ negative perceptions and develops self-appreciation, self-understanding, and improves mental and emotional health and benefits the lives of others (Fromm, 2006).

Growth mindsets value health enhancing options, including treatment seeking and growth mindset therapies also boost self-efficacy (Burnette et al., 2020). Recently, scientists have found that our perception of the future strongly influences our motivation to pursue goals. The future image of a person may be a stronger predictor of future success than past performance. Scholars (Polak, 1973; Bundy, 1976) argue that societies have historically relied on a creative minority for their future visions. History indicates that cultures without strong, realistic visions of the future do not survive. Positive, captivating, and exciting visions of the future are needed worldwide. Unique, creative people need such images too. May you fall in love with your goal or dream and live 2024 with a growth mindset.  Robert H. Schuler once said, “Build a dream and the dream will build you.”

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