More Than Enough

My girlfriend and I were reflecting upon why everyone tells us to ‘step out of our comfort zone.” Does it lead to higher perfectionism and unachievable standards leaving us feel like we can’t settle with contentment where we are. On the other hand, does it cause us to dip our toes into the fountain of life, that can cause us to plunge into our fears that ultimately brings fulfilment.

Stepping out into the unfamiliar is not comfortable, and the body does not like unfamiliar. Stepping out of our comfort zone causes us to engage our character strength of courage. Marissa Peer a leading psychologist from the United Kingdom has said that we easily fall back into old habits or negative thinking all because it is familiar. She suggests that we need to make anything positive familiar. She has led a global campaign “I am Enough,” that proposes that the most important words we shall ever hear are the words we say to ourselves.

So if you were to wake up tomorrow morning and believe that you are enough, imagine that you will accept new challenges with courage, but also just as courageously say no to those that are not right for you. Knowing that you are more than enough will cause you to not give up even when you have broken relationships, lost a business, or have to change your life completely. You know that whatever you are facing, you can choose to accept the things you cannot change, courage to change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. The serenity prayer is a powerful blueprint of how we can establish new growth beyond our difficulties. Just as ships are made to sail through storms, it does not matter how much water there is in the ocean, it is only when a crack in the boat forms that a problem begins. Fear is the largest problem that forms cracks in our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Fear causes us to stay in our comfort zone to avoid pain. Alternatively, love for our self and others compels us to move and act in spite of our fear.

Life, is defined in the original Hebrew Greek as the fullness of life in which one possesses vitality or vigor. In psychology, Logos is the principle that means the reason and judgement of life in itself and how we communicate it to others. So shall we judge our lives and others as never being good enough or shall we begin to allow ourselves to set sail each day with serenity knowing that we are enough, therefore we will be given enough, and will have enough to share with others. “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s way.” Victor Frankl in Mans Search for Meaning echo’s this truth of choice in which we can choose to value ourselves and others in any circumstance. Suffering is the common thread that ties us together, yet love and compassion may be the rudders containing enough to push us out of our comfort zones beyond our fear towards fullness of life.

Blog; Cher McGillivray

Photography; Jocelyn McGillivray

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