Light, Love, Live

In 1969, Fred Rogers, the creator and host of Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood began his quest to teach children that emotions that are mentionable are manageable. On a recent Ted Talks Dan Seigel explored how we may be able to expand our ability to mention and manage emotions through mechanisms in the brain. Seigel suggested that if we reflect compassionate relationships to others and ourselves we can integrate these networks to bring more kindness and compassion to others, our selves, and integration of our world.

Could we take the time today to be vulnerable which means to take courage. Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly suggests that vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat but understanding that both are necessary. This is life and allowing others to see you for who you really are to share your scars, your fears and trust someone with your story takes courage. Others are so desperate for their loads to be lifted but may never ask you to help. A friend of mine reminded me of the importance of never letting our lights be blown out. The power of one hand, one heart, willing to be there for someone has the power to lift darkness. As light shines through your broken beacon of life, love will reach other broken beacons who will be strengthened and encouraged by your act of love to shine again. It only takes a spark, take the time to Light, Love, Live today.

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