Giving thanks in all circumstances is difficult to put into practice but the benefits of counting your blessings is at the heart of optimal human functioning. Grateful people are filled with more positive emotions and are not inclined to suffer from anxiety, depression, and envy. They are more inclined to connect with others and engage in empathy, forgiveness and helping others more than ungrateful people (McGullough, Emmons, and Tsang, 2002). Therefore making a daily focus to reflect back on what to be grateful for, putting hope in your heart will give you a higher perspective and space to reflect with wisdom and self-compassion on your daily events. Whatever your circumstances every day, look for the benefits of whatever you are facing and be thankful for it even if you cannot see right now how it will be worked for your good. Simply reflecting on what you have to be grateful for assists us in coping with stress in our lives (Barusch, 1997; Coffman, 1996). Gratitude has been shown to improve your health and well-being and benefits the heart function (McCraty, Atkinson, Tiller, Rein, & Watkins, 1995).
Photography: Jocelyn McGillivray, Momi Bay, Fiji
Blog: Cher McGillivray

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